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Virtual Event | May 18, 2022

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SecurityWeek’s Threat Intelligence Summit is a virtual conference that allows attendees from around the world to immerse in a virtual world to explore and discuss the latest trends and insights on cyber threat intelligence (CTI).

Throughout this virtual event, sessions will include presentations and case studies from industry experts, analysts and end users, along with thought leadership and insightful strategy sessions.
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Presentations and Workshops will focus on:

• Methods and strategies for collecting threat data from various sources and producing actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

• Mapping threat intelligence requirements

• Case studies and innovative use of cyber
threat intelligence strategies

• Tools and technologies to help maximize the value of threat intelligence

• Maximizing budgets and the value of threat intelligence

• Leveraging Public & Private threat intelligence sharing

• How to evaluate threat intelligence vendors

Why Attend SecurityWeek's Threat Intelligence Summit?

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Immerse yourself in a virtual environment with thousands of enterprise security leaders to discuss the latest cybersecurity trends and gain insights into security strategies and emerging supply chain cyber risks. 

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Keynote's will provide insight on the current state of supply chain risk, what is and isn’t working, what’s needed to get ahead and what steps leaders say they are taking to improve their third-party security posture.

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CISO Panel Discussion

Hear discussions between enterprise security executives as they examine supply chain risks and how to focus on the risks that matter most to your business

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Access technical and strategy resources to help support your threat intelligence programs

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Delegates can interact with speakers and sponsors, and visit networking lounges  & sponsor booths

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Be Heard

Share your insights by networking with thousands of attendees